K Diplomacy Fix

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Author: emperor_kk
Last revision: 23 Feb at 19:51 UTC


1.8 compatible
Well this mod changes some basic values on how diplomacy and influence work.

Loyalties :

Long time partners learn to deal with minor indiscretions :
1 – Raises loyalty to 150 for long standing def/ally/fed pacts
2 – Raises loyalty to 100 for long standing non aggression pacts

Sector rearrangements are free :

3 – Planets can be moved between sectors at no cost. It is enough that the sectors are doing everything they can to be counterproductive but paying extra influence just to move the planets around seems a bit harsh (when PDS decides to fix sector ai, i might rethink about it) .

Aggressive expansion for a faster and more excillarating game :

4 – Outpost monthly cost influence has been set to (0.35) so as to make expansion easier and faster. As long as you are paying to have the outpost set and maintained I see no reason to cost so much influence thus not allowing the player to expand quickly and aggressively. Please note, the AI also uses the same settings thus it will be also expanding VERY AGGRESSIVELY. (This makes the AI provide a good competition w/out the need to cheat so much)
5 – Colonisation now costs the exact distance to your borders. No point in penalizing distance since the longer the colony ship flies the longer you are paying in EC anyways.

Diplomacy and Benefits of treaties :

So far Stellaris is penalizing the player for making treaties which makes absolutely no sense. I would understand to have a penalty on a non aggression pact since it is something that needs to be maintained between two empires who might enjoy a friendlike status but are nowhere near that.
6 – Defensive pacts, no longer incure a penalty but instead provide a bonus (+1.0) as the more empires assure each others sovereinghty the more influencial they will be. Not to mention that going into a defense treaty with someone means usually that strong ties are or will be developed between the empires.
7 – Federation pacts, no longer incure a penalty but now provide a hefty bonus (+2.0). Your empire is already paying in beuraucracy, reccuring presidencies, having to vote for every war etc that it makes no sense to be in one unless you have the benefit of extended influence as the whole reason in entering a federation is to be more influential as a single entity and combine resources (more on this to come).

Internal Management (Sectors) :

8 – Draining a sector costs 10 influence.
9 – Sector stockpiles are drained up to 90%.
10 – Minimum drain is 10

Subject Integration :

Raised to 2 simultaneous Integrations.


Each Army reduces unrest by -12.

New war goals :

– Create a military directorate under your control. A fighting machine to help you in your long wars.
– Create a decadent slave directorate to make you rich. When you can control other empires to work for you why bother with work at all. Let them provide for you, you only have to be sure noone else takes your nice workers from you.
– Create a science directorate. You found this little empire full of bright minds, ,put them to work for you and you will provide protection.

The new war goals can be picked up by the AI.

Fix, when a human empire asks to join a federation that at least one of the ai players has a positive (>75) attitude, then all ai in federation will get a bonus equal to their attitude towards the friendly empire.

Trade :

Max trade years set to 100 (mainly for multiplayer but it will work for single player game, however years above >30, >60, >80 increase the acceptness penalty by a small percentage)
Working range is 5-100 .

– This mod should be compatible with most mods. Only mods that significantly alter diplomacy settings might affect it or each other.

– This mod is NOT achievement compatible for the obvious reason that it tampers with gameplay mechanics.


Sciense Vessels double the time for keeping up with previous orders after escaping an enemy vessel.

Further Notes: When this mod is combined with Enhanced AI mod, you will notice a significant increase in the challenge posed by the AI. This is intentional as it will make both early and mid-game a struggle worth of your mighty empire. If you feel I went too far, critisism is the best way for me to balance it.

#New BETA version will be uploaded soon#
BETA VERSION with Scorched earth protocol
Option to :
Bomb planet to oblivion
Use Nukes to turn it into a Tomb World
Just Bombb it.