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Author: Darth_Sergeant
Last revision: 26 May at 01:00 UTC



Unless there is another major change to how portraits are handled, this mod should continue to function properly even if the launcher says it is out of date.

5/25 Mod has been updated.

Now you can take to the stars with your own fox girl empire. Now including cats and wolves.


-36 total anime style portraits
-20 fox girls
-13 neko / cat girls
-3 wolf girls
-Randomized planet and species names


All of them are located under the "Kemonomimi" species tab. The 3rd species with the wolf portrait includes a mixture of cats, foxes, and wolves.

If you have any issues, suggestions, or requests, please do not hestitate to ask.


Kemonomimi = Animal Ears
Kitsunemimi = Fox Ears
Nekomimi = Cat Ears
Ookamimi = Wolf Ears