Expanded Ideologies

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Author: AvenDonn
Last revision: 8 Dec at 13:50 UTC


Supported version: Stellaris 2.2.*

Expanded Ideologies

Expands the flavor of Stellaris governments by adding new government flavors and personalities to match.
The personalities don’t demand the exact government type to be selected, but similar circumstances are required for both, so they should tend to appear together.

Each personality also has unique diplomatic responses, and shares the generic diplomatic responses.

Personalities don’t depend on authority, only on election type. Governments however, require a specific authority. If a mod adds authorities, those won’t trigger this mod’s governments. However, personalities will continue working normally.

Starting a new game isn’t mandatory, but existing save governments won’t change their personality or government unless they reform government. This includes the player. (Players have hidden personality that actually affects their diplomacy!)

If you deactivate this mod, any empire that uses one of its personalities will turn into Despicable Neutrals, and any empire using one of its governments will have no defined government. I have not tested the implications of this.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start a new game when activating this mod.


  • English

If you wish to provide a localization, either submit it as a pull request on the mod’s GitHub, or send the files to me some other way.

Note for Megacorp

For users of Megacorp:

  • The Anarchocapitalism government requires a Megacorp authority
  • The Corporatocracy government type is disabled (Normal megacorps cover it)
  • Profiteers requires Corporate authority (Megacorps only)

Governments added:
  • Anarchocapitalism – This society is comprised of many private entitites of various sizes interacting voluntarily with each other in an environment with no single centralized regulatory or governing body.
  • Corporatocracy – This government has strong corporate lobbies dictating the laws and decisions of the government, effectively making it a corporate oligarchy.
  • Social Democracy – This government is an extensive welfare state with equal access to necessities paid for by taxation.
  • Communist Dictatorship – This government is a totalitarian communist regime, with one ruling party, extensive state surveillance, and central planning of the economy.
  • Nationalistic Expansionists – This government is a totalitarian fascist regime, with one ruling party, extensive nationalistic zeal, and institutionalized xenophobia.
  • Fascist Dictatorship – This government is a totalitarian fascist dictatorship, focused on its military strength and societal order.
  • Crusader Kingdoms – This government is an imperial hierarchical monarchy of kings, dukes, counts, and barons. It is plagued with devious plots and religious struggles.
  • Holy Imperium – This government is ruled by a "God Emperor" with great zeal. It distrusts external influences and suffers not the xeno to live.

Personalities added:
  • Peaceful Libertarians – Peaceful Libertarians care deeply about personal freedoms and liberty. They are anti-interventionist and do not wish to subjugate others.
  • Profiteers – Profiteers are profit oriented, and have no qualms about using violent conquest as yet another tool to expand their market share.
  • Welfare State – The Welfare State is concerned primarily with providing equal access to basic necessities for its people, and treating them as equally as possible. For better or for worse.
  • Revolutionary Council – The Revolutionary Council sees to the perpetuation of the revolution. The workers must rise up against their oppressors. And if they don’t want to, they will make them.
  • Worker’s Senate – The Worker’s Senate is in charge of protecting the living space of its people. Sometimes they try to protect land that isn’t theirs… Yet.
  • Xenophobic Warmongers – Xenophobic Warmongers care only for themselves and view others as hurdles to overcome to achieve their own greatness.
  • Religious Crusaders – Religious Crusaders seek to manifest their destiny as the lords of the galaxy. Whether by conquest or subjugation, they will march on the galaxy.
  • Proud Xenophobes – Proud Xenophobes are distrustful, hateful, and of course, proud. More importantly, they do not suffer the xeno to live in their empire.

This mod does not override any files for maximum compatibility with other mods.

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