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Author: Reiseafa
Last revision: 14 Jul at 11:37 2017 UTC



"We are the imperial navy" NSC stand-alone version
do not use this mod with the original version, they are incompatible

About the difference between original WAIN and NSC stand-alone verison

people might be curious about why NSC version only has one section
it’s because fit a existing ship into NSC is like making 3 brand-new ships for vanilla and people are out of patient
so I decide to lower the standard

Light Carrier and Cruiser are still incomplete
but I want to get back to original version for a while

Models of this mod

All models are made by myself, not ported from other game
but most of the designs are from BFG: Armada and concept arts on website Lexicanum

name of the original each model based on
Corvette: Cobra
Frigate: Sword
Destroyer: Firestorm
Cruiser: Endeavor(incomplete)
Strike Cruiser: Dauntless
Light Carrier: Space Marine Strike Cruiser(incomplete)
Battle Cruiser: Lunar
Battleship: Vengeance
Dreadnought: Emperor
Super Dreadnought: Victory-class Battleship Tribune
Carrier: Space Marine Battle Barge
Flag ship: Blackstone Fortress(still trying to make a model based on Macragge’s Honour)
Transport / Colonizer: Imperial Transports
Constraction / Science: mixed Goliath and AdMech Light Cruiser
Tier 1/2 Defense platform: Orbital Defense Platform
Tier 3 Defense platform: Ramilles-class Starfort
Spaceport: something from game BFG: Armada
Fighter: Fury Interceptor
Bomber: Starhawk Bomber
Landing craft: Shark Assault Boat

names above are for the design
have nothing to do with combat role or weaponry