Epic Galaxies – Make Space Bigger

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Author: ButtJunkie
Last revision: 15 Oct at 14:30 UTC


Compatible with 1.8

This mod scales down FTL speed, sensors and border extrusion to make the galaxy feel much larger. It’s roughly scaled down to be a quarter of the standard size and speed.

It does NOT add more stars to the galaxy (Epic Galaxies – Size, Shape and Core – does though).

This mod serves two purposes:
1) To make most galaxy sizes feel larger due to the relatively slower traver and smaller borders. Galaxies up to a few thousand stars will experience this effect.
2) Truly massive galaxies, say 5000 stars or more, will feel a bit more reasonable in terms of gameplay (it will still be visually quite dense of course).

I reduced the size of the star icons on the galactic view, removed the hexagon borders around stars, and made the map 2d. This mod was initially aimed at galaxy sizes larger than the regular game, where star density is significantly increased. The changes significantly reduce visual clutter.

There has been a fair amount of interest in a patch for NSC, so that will come soon.

Looking for a challenge/More realistic galactic scene?

If you use Asymmetric Starts with this mod, some advanced AI starts will become far stronger, ranging from just a few planets, ~20 pops and less than 1k fleet strength, potentially up to 9-10 planets, 50-60 pops and 2.5-3k fleet strength.



Gameplay Mods

Asymmetric Starts – Better Advanced AI starts for variety and challenge.
Make Space Bigger – Scales down FTL speed, sensors and border extrusion to make the galaxy feel larger..

UI Mods

Dark UI – A restyle of the UI.
Colour Coded Messages – Included in Dark UI.
Alernate Icons – Ethic, Civic and Trait icons recoloured.
Clean Space – Makes the galaxy and system views cleaner by removing UI objects such as orbital lines etc.
Subtle Hyperlanes – Tones down the hyperlane colour

Graphic Mods

No Exhaust Trails – Removes exhaust trails from ships

Galaxy Sizes, Shape, Cores, Textures

Size, Shape and Core – Larger galaxy sizes, adjusted shape and adds galatic cores.
Galaxy Texture 1 -Galaxy recolour
Galaxy Texture 2 – Galaxy recolour
Galaxy Texture 3 – Galaxy recolour
Dim Core – Makes the core far less bright.
Galaxies Colours Restored – Restores galaxy colours to the default galaxy view.

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