Linear Tech Trees BASE

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Author: Shamis
Last revision: 27 Sep at 21:48 2017 UTC


1.8.0 – Linear tech progression

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I take no credit for the technology mods this mod uses, thanks and credit to each of those respective mod makers. All I did was wrap some code around the technologies so they would be researchable in a predictive manner.

Special thanks to crymson for some very useful syntax information.

Event triggers have been added to guarantee availability of tech options you have researched the prerequisites, creating a predictable research tree. This gives the ability to research specific technology lines for a less random feel to progression.

This mod only effects base/ vanilla technologies. Additional technology mod packs will be listed below as they are created.

Linear tech progression is not used by AI.

Add on mods for additional technology mods

Linear Tech Trees NSC ———>
. . . (-New Ship Classes & More (FULL or LITE))

Linear Tech Trees SE ———>
. . . Stellar Expansion ALL MODULES

Linear Tech Trees ISBS ——>
. . . Improved Space Battles ALL MODULES

Linear Tech Trees CE ———>
. . . Crystallis Ship Modules Expansion

Linear Tech Trees AM ———>
. . . AlphaMod

Linear Tech Trees ST ———>
. . . Star Trek: New Horizons

Linear Tech Trees ZF ———>
. . . The Zenith of Fallen Empires

Linear Tech Trees TFW ——>
. . . TFW’s Bunch of Ship Parts and all TFW’s individual component modules

Linear Tech Trees MR ——–>
. . . 25 More Reactors + New Techs

***Can be used with any tech mod but the added technologies will not utilize the linear progression feature.

How to create your own addition coming soon.

Add ons under construction

Mobile Suit Gundam: Stellaris


Advanced Weapons

Useful stations – Version 2.0 Citadel Included

Life Engineering

Star Wars Weapons, Star Wars Rebels Ships, and Star Wars Empire Ships

Novus Orbis – Stellaris Overhaul Mod

Grim Darkness Total Conversion

change log:
09/24/17: Bug fix.
09/22/17: Update to 1.8, reduced mod to base/ vanilla technologies only. New add on mods to follow soon for additional tech mods.
09/10/17: Bug fix.
09/08/17: Add support for new mods, listed above and fixed a few bugs.
09/07/17: Add support for new mods, listed above.
06/29/17: Removed starter techs and repeatables, updated list of supported mods.
06/28/17: Add support for new mods, listed above.
06/25/17: Separated from A level playing field balance mod.