Recruit More Curators

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Author: Scarecrow
Last revision: 23 Feb at 21:59 UTC


I always found it annoying that the Curators clearly had a never-ending supply of master scientists, but they never allowed you to recruit more than one at a time? They obviously have an agenda, but if a powerful battlefleet rolled up to their doorstep would they really refuse to offer you another scientist? It’s not like you’re stealing them!

This mod allows you to recruit more than one Curator scientist at a time, so you can have your entire science division staffed with geniuses if you so choose. Furthermore, since the Curator Enclaves are clearly very intelligent, surely they would have figured out life extension technologies? To prevent your extremely valuable scientist from dying ten years into the job, all Curator scientists now get the ‘Ageless Wisdom’ leader trait, adding 360 years to their lives. This does come at a cost however – Curator Scientists now cost 5000 energy and not 2500.

Unfortunately, Fallen Empires will still try to abduct acquire your Curator scientists – even powerful empires like theirs are apparently unaware that the Curator Enclave would probably sell them one, without the need to bully the little guys into giving one up for free. Fallen Empires are like the playground bully.