Living Tree Proles

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Author: Meltup
Last revision: 9 May at 21:35 2017 UTC


Living Tree Proles v1.1.1

For Stellaris: 1.6.*

This mod changes script that generates secondary species for empires with civic "Syncretic Evolution". Unless you choose Sol system as starting one, prole species will always be plantoid tree-like creatures named "Living Trees".

1.1.1 – updated for Stellaris 1.6.*
1.1.0 – no longer overwrites "game_start.txt"
1.0.2 – updated for Stellaris 1.5.*
1.0.1 – fixed some stability issues
1.0.0 – initial upload


This mod overwrites a single event in it’s own file:

id = game_start.7

It will be incompatible with any other mod overwriting that event.