(- Star Wars: Galactic Civil War ships for Vanilla Stellaris -)

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Author: krait23

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Star Wars: Galactic Civil War – Vanilla Sky

Stellaris Version 2.1.1


A side project derived from my main mod "Star Wars: Galactic Civil War – Models and more", this mod replaces the arthropoid ships from the vanilla game with Star Wars empire ships, so you can play for achievements and still use Star Wars ships. Why arthropoid? I dunno, it was arbitrarily picked. I had to pick one of the existing types because you cannot make a new one without changing the checksum, thus disabling achievements.

What this mod does

This mod brings Star Wars ship models into Vanilla Stellaris. Only real purpose imho is for playing to unlock achievements, but maybe someone out there enjoy and unmodded Stellaris with Star Destroyers for other reasons…

What is in it

It brings with it the following ship models which you will get if you select "Arthropoid Ships" for your ship appearance. Most of the models are taken from Nomada_Firefoxes model pack, with permission from him. Others were directly taken from Evillejedi’s and Jeroenimo’s mods for EAW and HW, and some have advanced textures by ArvisTaljik.

  • Corellian Corvette
  • Corellian Gunship
  • Carrack class light cruiser
  • Nebulon-B class frigate
  • Lancer class frigate
  • Dreadnought cruiser
  • Loronar Strike cruiser
  • Ton-Falk-class escort carrier
  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer
  • Conqueror-class Star Destroyer
  • Venator-class Star Destroyer
  • Executor-class Super Star Destroyer
Civilian Ships
  • TIE Scout – Science Ship
  • BFF-1 Bulk Freighter – Construction Ship
  • Imperial Star Galleon – Colony Ship
  • Gozanti-class cruiser – Transport Ship


  • Imperial Fighter Factory – Mining Station
  • XQ-1 Outpost – Outpost Station
  • XQ-3 Station – Research Station
  • Golan I Battle platform – Small Defense Platform
  • Golan II Battle platform – Medium Defence Station
  • Golan III Battle platform – Fortress
  • Empire Station – Spaceport

Ship sizes are not to scale, but I adjusted them into what I found a good compromise between scale and visibility. All the classes have only one model on one of the core slots. The other slots have empty models. There are no weapon turrets or placements. Some engine effects are misplaced or missing. While I can code a little, I have very little clue about 3D-modeling, so I probably won’t fix most graphical issues.


There are also Turbolaser weapons in the game, which replace the standard projectile weapons in special effects and names, the stats are unaffected of course.

How to use

Subscribe to this mod, and activate it and nothing else in your mod list.


Huge thanks to


for the beautiful Star Wars mods, without his mods to dissect I never would have been able and motivated to teach me how to do my own.
Also to


and his crew for the great NSC and some help with fixing stuff I couldn’t solve by myself.

Special thanks to


for allowing me to use his model pack.

Credits allowing me to use their art as follows:

Models and sounds:

Evillejedi, Jeroenimo, Warb Null, Daniel

Texture: Most of the models use EvillejediĀ“s skins edited by


. Some have new textures by ArvisTaljik.

Bwing, Ywing: Petroglyph/Lucasarts

Rigged: Nomada_Firefox.

Particles: Nomada_Firefox/Petroglyph/Lucasarts

Copyright disclaimer: This is a non-profit mod. No copyright infringement is intended. All images belong to their respective trademark owners.


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