Megastructures Improvements

Author: kasskloff
Last revision: 22 Apr at 14:02 UTC


Makes a few changes to the megastructures sytem to make them more feasible for the mid-late game instead of solely being an end-game feature, as well as a few tweaks to generally improve the system.

  • 1 Megastructure per system limit removed
  • Multiple Megastructures can now be constructed at once
  • Ring Worlds can now be constructed around black holes
  • Ring Worlds and Dyson Spheres can now be constructed in systems with uninhabited habitable planets (Orbital Habitats may be inhabited)
  • Time for all Ring World section construction reduced by 25%
  • Time for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 25%
  • Cost for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 15%
  • Research output of the Science Nexus increased by 100%
  • Mega-Engineering tech moved from Tier 4 to Tier 3, making it able to appear earlier in the tech tree
  • Drop rate of the Mega-Engineering tech if you have the Master Builders ascension perk increased slightly

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