Better Dyson Sphere V2.3

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Authors: Gary, kapolis
Last revision: 3 Apr at 00:59 UTC


Ever felt that a red dwarf generating same amount of energy in dyson sphere as a blue giant is crazy?

My mod solves the issue by having different dyson sphere outputs for different star class.

The power output is shown below:
Class power stages (excluding site and frame)
B 1600 7
A 1400 6
F 1200 5
G 1000 4
K 800 3
M 600 2

The power output increase linearly as more stages are built. This means that when it finally starts to give out energy, Class M dyson spheres will have the most output of 600/2=300 and Class B will only give 1600/7≈230.

However if you consider site and frame stage, brighter stars will be more cost effective in the long run while dimmer stars gives you more energy in the shortest time.

The files changed are:

Updated to 2.0.2
Now dyson spheres built around different stars will take numbers of stages to built, making class M stars less useless.

Updated to 1.6.2
Fixed the issue that a dyson sphere built in a binary system is not around any star but in the middle.

Updated to 1.6.1
It is now possible to find and restore ruined dyson spheres.

Now the mod no longer need a new save, old dyson spheres will still have the old amount of output.
Only one option will appear when building a new dyson sphere.
Other empires will correctly recieve notifications of your dyson sphere.

Future plans:
Make this mod compatible with other mods, like those adding O class stars.
And more features on the way.

Feel free to give me ideas and advices, and report bugs in the comment section.

Thanks and Enjoy.