Better Dyson Sphere V2

Authors: kapolis, XYZToken
Last revision: 17 Apr at 21:14 UTC


Ever felt that a red dwarf generating same amount of energy in dyson sphere as a blue giant is crazy?

My mod solves the issue by having a type of dyson spheres for each star class.

The power output is shown below:
Class power
B 8*original dyson sphere
A 6*original dyson sphere
F 5*original dyson sphere
G 4*original dyson sphere
K 3*original dyson sphere
M 2*original dyson sphere

Currently they all come with the same cost and time to build.

The files changed are:

Updated to V2
Now the mod no longer need a new save, old dyson spheres will still have the old amount of output.
Only one option will appear when building a new dyson sphere.
Other empires will correctly recieve notifications of your dyson sphere.

Future plans:
Adjust power output to be more realistic and balanced.
Add -90% energy modifier to habitas in dyson sphere systems, or simply prevent them from being in same system.
Make this mod compatible with other mods, like those adding O class stars.
And more features on the way.

Feel free to give me ideas and advices.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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