Improved Voidborne Perk

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Author: Red Aria
Last revision: 10 Apr at 21:06 2017 UTC


One of my pet peeves with Utopia is that it makes no sense to me for Habitats to require…. battleship tech?

I mean, deep space installations make perfect sense, but… why the battleships? Not only does it feel weird, it also delays your habitat possibilities significantly, as it is quite a late tech to get, unless you are rushing research.

So that’s what this mod aims to "fix".


No longer requires Battleships tech.
Now requires Nanomechanics (engineering lab 1) tech.
Now requires fusion power (energy reactor 2 for ships) tech.
Still requires deep space installations 3 tech.

It is entirely possible that my new requirements are a bit too easy – i can adjust them after i play a few games with this mod activated (and based on people’s responses). But overall i feel it should let you enjoy the "fun" utopia parts a bit earlier than normal.

Overrides ascendant_perks.txt, so might not be compatible with other mods that use same file.