Slow it Down

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Author: bluerat
Last revision: 15 Sep at 08:38 2017 UTC


What does this mod do?

It more than doubles research time as your empire expands. In vanilla each planet adds 10% to your research time and population (over ten pops) adds 1% each. This mod multiplies planets by 2 and pops by 2!

Why make this mod (are you crazy)?

I made this mod for those people that want to play for the long haul and enjoy each phase of the game slowly – research is much much slower and the game is more epic as a result. Each tech you pick has real value now because you sometimes have to wait years to get it. I’ve noticed lots of people say they want tech faster – not me … needs to be much slower, which this mod accomodates for.

Don’t smaller empires have a huge advantage now then?

No more so than vanilla really, as whatever advantage exists there (if any) will exist here as well. But the more planets you have and the more population you have the more research production you can produce. I’ve played quite a few games with this and I’ve noticed no obvious imbalance compared to vanilla.

Is the AI affected by these changes?

Of course 🙂 I’ve only changed a few numbers in the ‘defines’ file.

Does it work in multiplayer?



Should be compatible with anything that does not change two specific lines in defines file – needless to say that any mod which fiddles with tech times will not work with this one. I use quite a few other mods though with no issues, for example Alphamod and New Ship Classes.


Do provide in the comments below 🙂


None known. Let me know if you spot any.

Version: for Stellaris 1.6.*