Slower Tech Progress

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Author: Sharks with Flare Guns
Last revision: 30 Aug at 21:18 2016 UTC


Ever seem odd to you that players are so advanced in a century that they’re stomping fallen empires like glorified OPMS? Doesn’t that seem a little quick? This mod triples the research cost of all technology in order to draw out the scientific development of all players to a pace more like Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis.

Some things to note:

-This is almost guaranteed to conflict with any other technology mod! If you want to use another and this one, you’ll have to go to the technology files and copy the cost section of the preamble over to each of the files in the other tech mod.

-Late-game crises are not pushed back at present. While not so much a problem for one crisis that is linked to empire technology, the others may arrive well before you are technologically capable of defeating them. Unless you want a real challenge, you may want to use a mod that cuts out the crises.

-I am not sure how well the AI handles technology progressing so much more slowly than designed. In theory, there should not be a problem, but this may be a concern.