Human Fallen Empires

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Authors: Spec Ops Ferret, MishaRass, MasterOfGrey, TurtleShroom, had
Last revision: 16 Sep at 22:13 UTC


The best mod in your life (maybe).
This gorgeous mod aims to add new content and new game features.

For Stellaris 2.1.*

  • 2 new Human Fallen Empire with history, dialogs, game mechanics.
  • Anomalies, events, mini factions that reflect history.
  • A new start Mission Discovery. Play as single ship in dark galaxy. Forge your destiny among the stars. Or something.
  • Pirates and ancient mining drones became more interesting.
  • Changes in the "War in Heaven", new Total War mechanic.
  • Play with brainworm civic and assimilate galaxy.
  • Galactic Plague crisis, can you survive?
  • Population module: better control over population.
  • Leader module: more interesting and realistic leaders.
  • New civics, opinion modifiers, war goals, traits and everything else.
  • Mod Menu support, almost all features can be disabled here.
  • Full list of changes

Current status
  • Beta.
  • Edict of the Prologue.
  • Friendly AI Volume 1.
  • Friendly AI Volume 2.
  • Unfriendly Demons Volume 1.
  • Unfriendly Demons Volume 2.
  • Return of the Brain Worm.


Read this: Compatibility

Savegame compatibility

If you want to add the mod to the ongoing game, write in console "event human_fallen_empires_init.0".


Looking for someone who wish to make 2d/3d art. Also text writings encourage too.
And in general more manpower always good. Always.
If you made a submod, let me know, I’ll add it to the list of comp patches.


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Smiles for multiplayer chat
And dont forget about changelog!

Obelisk of glory, great heroes who contributed to the creation of Mod Pharaoh

Kior, LisaAlissa, Laylah, Cyber_Kotleta, AeonFlux, Konstantin.V, Dervish, Belial, Architecture, Whitesunset, Ninja Ferret, Likbez17, Only-He-Stands-There, Tyranid, MishaRass, MasterOfGrey, teru9133, Ivorra, JageriuS, Davin, Kelthar, Darh, Archaon the Neverchosen, Oda, Sterr, Gergard, TurtleShroom.

Thanks for Cybrxkhan for egyptian names.

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