IronSky Ambience

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Author: ADLER
Last revision: 10 Dec at 19:18 UTC


Music & loading screens to compliment my Iron Sky mod – (2.2.+ Le Guin)
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Music & sound bites from the original film, plus a mix of period German music, popular marches & some light orchestral Wagner for good measure.

45 tracks & 30 loading screens.

German Names Mod has German & Nazi themed people, ship & city skins plus logos from the Imperial, Third Reich (nazi) & Bundes periods also. For a more involved & modded game, see my Iron Sky mod, with a complete overhaul of most facettes of the game to a German theme, techs, traits, ship weaons, modable stations, gaia terrorforming plus avery large list of other otions. IronSky – Space Nazis

**Some of the music is ‘NAZI’ in origin or theme, so if you are politically correct &/or easily offended… or it’s illegal in your country… simply do not download it. You control your own happiness.