Ancient Cache of Technologies: Extra Defines and Changes

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Author: Chirumiru ShiRoz

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This ACOT Submod make changes to various defines and vanilla repeatables to make Stellaris fit with ACOT more. It can however be used without ACOT if you so desire.

#Note : Not all changes are listed below, some may be missed, I will add them in as I remember lul.

Gameplay Changes

  • Redefines how fleet power calculation work, reducing overall fleet power, but will fix the "1" fleet power bug. (It may still happen on ridiculously overpowered ship)
  • Fallen Empire Decadence now increases every year by one but has its capped increased to 500.
  • Planet regenerates health twice as fast, but takes twice as long to begin healing.
  • Armies take higher damage from bombardments.
  • Policy now has only 5 years cooldown period.
  • Debris lasts twice as long, gives a lot more experiences but only provides 5% progress.
  • Base Maximum megastructures that can be built increased to 5.
  • Evasion Cap increased to 190 (Still gets countered by Tracking)
  • Ships will try to readjust their positions based on their tactics much more often.
  • High Tracking Ships will target high evasion ships much more often. Low Tracking Ships will try to avoid shooting at evasive ships.
  • Starbases are much less likely to be targeted if there’s defense stations protecting it.
  • Army Morale Damage is reduced by roughly half.
  • Morale is only considered low if below 30% (from 50%)
  • Reduces fleet upgrade time by a lot, but reduces the refund costs for changing components.
    Leaders and Forces

  • Increase Leader Level Cap to 20.
  • Admirals are twice less likely to die in combat.
  • Prevents generals from ever dying in ground combat (they are already not that useful, better to just make them not dead, besides they are supposed to strategize and lead, not throwing themselves into harm’s way.
  • Increases experience gains for both leaders, armies and ships.
  • Improves stats from leader level and ship skill levels.
  • Command Limit increased to 1000.
  • Naval Capacity increased to 99999.
  • Starting Naval Cap increased to 40, I know you are relatively new to space travel, but come to @*[email protected] on, only 20 ships? 😛

  • Reduces most non-economic repeatables to be capped at 20.
  • Realigns some repeatable engineerings to Physics and Society so they don’t infest Engineering as much.
  • Readds Hull repeatable upgrades.
  • Many previous repeatables that were capped at 5 has been increased to 20.
  • Fallen Empire will now have repeatables at 20.
  • Research Pact now increases known tech research speed by 100%.

Graphical Changes
  • Make fleets scatter more so they don’t clump up.
  • Make missiles spread slightly a bit more so they don’t clump up.
  • Reduces Strike Craft’s trail length as they tend to look kinda dumb.


Q: So why do my fleets suddenly have stupidly low fleetpowers?
A: The new calculations make the game less overzealous with how it calculates hull hp, evasions and weapon damage, which also fixes the issue of it not being able to display a fleetpower above 800k-ish without going into 1. (Ship fleetpower, not fleet total power)

Q: Does it actually make my fleets weaker?
A: No, your ship still have the same stats, but events that calls for fleetpower check will require you to do extra works to reach the vanilla score.

Q: Can I use this without ACOT?
A: Yes

Q: Why cap repetables?
A: To keep things realistic, and to prevent the game from actually overflowing. Just how much can you make the kinetic gun fires faster before it can reaches across galaxies in single second?

Q: This seems to be oddly small for an ACOT submod.
A: Wryyyyyyyyy

Q: Who came up with the numbers and balances, can’t be you since we all know Panada sucks at balance.
A: The Panada has consorted with multiple dudes to come up with new calculations. Is it balanced? Possibly? Does it work? Yes. Just be glad I manage to fix the 1 fleetpower problem that has been plaguing this game for aeons.


  • Overwrite certain vanilla define stats.
  • Overwrites 00_static_modifiers.
  • Overwrites all three repeatable files.

Credits and Special Thanks to

– Wymorlon for many useful insights and intense debate whether xenophobes should have gene points.

– Velaroz, because hes the calculator. If ♥♥♥♥♥ are broken, blame him lulz.

– Stellaris Modding Den Community, learned many useful stuffs there.

– All supporters. Your sacrifice against the FE will be honored in the New Imperium of Meme.

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