Star Trek Federation Immersion Mod

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Author: Garry Windu

Last revision: 1 Jun at 13:19 UTC

File size: 10.99 MB

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New United Federation of Planets Sounds and Visuals

Visual Changes:

– All leader backgrounds
– Spaceport background

Sound Changes/Additions:

– Fleet/Military Ship Select Voices x 45
– Colony Ship Select Voices x 3
– Construction Ship Select Voices x 8
– Science Ship Select Voices x 16

– Starbase Select Sounds x 2
– Mining Station Select Sound
– Science Station Select Sounds x2

– Ambient Ship Sounds
– Ship Movement Sounds
– FTL Enter and Exit Sounds

– Spaceport Module Build Voice
– Spaceport Ship Build Voice
– Reinforce Fleet Voice
– Fleet Under Attack Sound
– Hostile Fleet Detected Voice
– Repair Fleet Finished Voice
– Survey Scanning Sound


All Sounds are from Star Trek Armada 2 and Bridge Commander

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– Not compatible with any other sound overhaul mods
– Not compatible with mods that change leader backgrounds, like the Backgrounds + mods

– Is compatible with the main Star Trek overhaul mods like ST:NH and SNW
– Is compatible with ST:NH UI mods – and recommended!

Recommended Mods:

ST : New Horizons UI – FEDERATION


If you are using any ST:NH UI mod, This mod MUST be below it in the load order, as it overwrites some of the same files.


All Art and Sounds belong to their respective authors.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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