Space Engine Music

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Author: Johnny Vietcong

Last revision: 26 May, 2016 at 02:07 UTC

File size: 168.51 MB

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Adds 41 songs directly from Space Engine.

By default, this should work with any other music mod. If there’s any problems, report them and I’ll fix them as soon as I can.

Track list, by filename:
A.e.r.o. – Flying Through The Universe
A.e.r.o. – Kepler-186F
A.e.r.o. – Little Space Travel
A.e.r.o. – Orion
A.e.r.o. – Solar Protuberance
A.e.r.o. – The Sloan Great Wall
Art Project & A.e.r.o. – A Walk In The Woods
Ashterra – Asleep Civilization (SE Edition)
Ashterra – The Moon
Ashterra – Worlds Inside the Worlds (SE Edition)
AstroPilot – A Drowning (SE Edit)
AstroPilot – Betelgeuse
AstroPilot – Earth’s Moon (Extended version)
AstroPilot – Gravity Free
AstroPilot – Hidden Planet
AstroPilot – Hidden Planet (Extended long version)
AstroPilot – In The Middle (Album Edit)
AstroPilot – Inverted Worlds
AstroPilot – Languor 2.0
AstroPilot – Night Meeting (Verges Of Time)
AstroPilot – Sanctum
Goodstreet – A peaceful Place
Goodstreet – Eternal Moment
Greg Zemskov – Saturn
Lokijar – 1-7
Lokijar – Back to the Home Atmosphere
Lokijar – Black Hole
Lokijar – Drops on Europa
Lokijar – NGC 501
Lokijar – No Gravity
Lokijar – Omega
Lokijar – Orion
Lokijar – Other World
Lokijar – Quasar Medusa
Lokijar – Silence In The Solar System
Lokijar – Sleeping Ice Giant
Lombus – Amino
Lombus – Cosmic Soup
Slambeatz – Iceplanet
Slambeatz – Waterplanet
Ujo – Comet