Faster Pop Growth

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Author: hailstorm46

Last revision: 18 May at 20:50 UTC

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Speeds up building, growth, and colonization by +50%.

Updated for 2.7.1

I made this mod because the others I saw in the workshop were either old or sped up pop growth too much. This is the first mod I’ve ever made for anything, so please be gentle and use at your own risk. 🙂

All changes are starting techs and should affect players and AI equally.


  • 50% bonus to colony development speed
  • +1 starting pop on colonized planets
  • 50% bonus to population growth speed
  • 50% bonus to robot population assembly speed
  • 25% reduction to planetary build times
  • 25% reduction to clearing blocker time
  • 25% reduction to starbase module build time
  • 25% reduction to starbase building build time
  • 25% reduction to starbase upgrade time

Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with almost all mods since it just adds starting techs.

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