Ultimate Automation

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Author: RegiZero

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This will automate some of the more tedious and clicky actions while playing Stellaris. If you’d like to read your events or manage the more important and time critical things, turn on all them options! 😀
The automations that are currently available and optional:

  • Auto planetary specialisation decision: Automatically build buildings and districts based on your chosen options. There can only be one building plus a district chosen to be built on a chosen planet. The specialisation can be activated and configured through the decisions tab. Buildings are also automatically upgraded.
  • Auto migration of unemployed pops: Automatically resettle unemployed pops to planets that have free jobs at a static cost of 300 energy per pop.
  • Auto exploration: Automatically survey systems by unlocking the automatic exploration option for science ships.
  • Auto construction: Automatically construct outpost, mining and research stations by unlocking the automatic construction feature. All vanilla influence cost reductions on outposts are considered.
  • Auto fleet attack: Automatically attack the nearest hostile fleets or starbases (that are within a neighboring system) with all fleets that are not within a system where there is a starbase with shipyards (to prevent newly built ships from engaging).
  • Auto army invade: Automatically set all armies to Aggressive Stance which will make the army/fleet automatically follow friendly military fleets (that ‘attach’ when both fleets are in the same system) and invade hostle planets, if the odds of success are favorable.
  • Auto planet destroyer: Automatically destroy the nearest hostile planet that is within a neighboring system.
  • Auto colonisation: Automatically build colony ship and colonise the nearest planet with 60% or more habitability.

All these options are accessible through an edict where the planetary specialisation is under planet decisions for once enabled.

Latest update:
– Automatic planet destroyer
– Auto colonisation
– Fixes

Currently in progress:
– Auto construction customisation
– Auto research
– District support buildings for e.g. energy, food etc

Future development:
– Auto continuation of excavations.
– Auto repeatable research

Extra automations that I cannot think of right now and any suggestions from discussions or comments.
If you have a suggestion or an idea, then please do comment or leave a post in the discussions.

– Fully compatible
– Save compatible

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Making these mods is very time consuming and so, if anyone would like to help out with modding, by all means get in touch ;). If you like the mod and would like to help out in other ways, please consider donating with the button below (thanks!).