AA’s Hostile Worlds

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 9 Oct at 16:50 UTC

File size: 28.51 MB

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Colonise the harshest of environments!

  • Develop technologies to turn hostile worlds into terraforming candidates…
  • …and then terraform them into slightly more habitable worlds and colonise them.
  • New origins allow you to start on a Molten, Frozen or Toxic Habitable homeworld…
  • … or start with a second colony in your home system – a moon or other barren planetoid.

There’s a lot of content and additional features in this mod, so see the slideshow for more details. Have fun discovering this alternative to habitats for expanding real-estate, and more opportunities to obtain rare resources in the process.

Do not use with AlphaMod 2.7. All of this mod is in that already.

Over-rides the following vanilla files:

Load Order: Try the bottom.