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Author: Hibiki_RT

Last revision: 16 May at 02:08 UTC

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No vanilla files has been modified. Simply adds new Section Templates, compatible with any Ship Model Mod.

Ironman achievement not supported.

This mod adds available (Torpedo、Massive and Strike Craft Sections)

Sections for Different types of ships:

Corvette added 3 Core Sections: Gunboat Core (S1M1), Barrage Core (P1T1) and Picket Core (P1M1)

Destroyer added 3 Bow Sections: Escort Bow(H1)、Barrage Bow(T2)、Picket Bow(M1P2),

1 Stern Section: Barrage Stern(T1)

Cruiser added 2 Bow Sections: Carrier Bow(H1)、Barrage Bow(T2),

2 Core Sections: Barrage Core(T3)、Massive Core(X1),

1 Stern Section: Barrage Stern(T1)

Battleship added 2 Bow Sections: Carrier Bow(H2)、Barrage Bow(T4),

3 Core Sections: Massive Core(XL1L1)、True-Carrier Core(H3)、Barrage Core(T6),

2 Stern Sections: Carrier Stern(T2)、Barrage Stern(H1)

Make Titan Great Again!

Titan added 4 Bow Sections: Massive Bow(XL2)、Volley Bow(L4)、Carrier Bow(H4)、Barrage Bow(T8),

4 Core Sections: Massive Core(XL2L2)、Volley Core(L4M4)、Carrier Core(H6)、Barrage Core(T12),【Titan Cores added more weapon slots than vanillas, therefore have higher cost】

4 Stern Sections: Massive Stern(XL1)、Carrier Stern(H2)、Barrage Stern(T4)、Picket Stern(M2P4)

Language Support:

English, 中文

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