Invasion! SA (2.7)

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Author: AlphaAsh

Last revision: 8 Sep at 11:09 UTC

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Better Ground Wars

This mod does a lot of things.

  • Makes several changes to War Exhaustion, including: defence armies now often have it, occupying planets is actually worth bothering with, and it climbs more rapidly, making bonuses to reducing it more useful.
  • Overhauls vanilla bombardment stances and vanilla armies. All vanilla bombardment stances now cause far more pop loss, so you have to invade if you want the pops, or…
  • Adds new bombardment stances that allow for precision strikes on military buildings, and pacification or conversion of pops.
  • Adds new military buildings, jobs and armies, including mechs, aerofighters, elite forces, paladins and pacifiers.
  • Adds Mechs! And the Mech Lords Ascension Perk, for those that want all the Mechs.
  • Adds new types of defence forces, some that are built, some spawned by new jobs.
  • Considerably reduces the chance of Generals being killed in action, and buffs the hell out of General traits to make them worth using.

Over-rides the following files:

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