Where Paths Meet

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Author: gnatsteak

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Where Paths Meet is an update of Mastery of Life: Where Paths Meet. As it has been seemingly abandoned, I have taken over the mod. All of the bugs that were causing the mod to break have been fixed and some minor changes have been made.

Current Features

-Max trait picks are raised for all species archetypes: 8 for Biological, Lithoid, and Machine species, and 6 for Robotic Species

-Researching Advanced Epigenetics (requires Epigenetic Triggers) enables pre-sapient life to be uplifted without colonization, and primitive life to be enlightened by era

-Researching Biogenetic Synthesis (requires Genetic Resequencing) enables the creation of new species on uncolonized but habitable planets

-Psionic Empires with the pre-requisite technology can trigger primitive civilizations to undergo transcendence themselves

-An empire that has all three first tier perks unlocks the Diverse Sentience Ascension Perk, granting additional organic and robotic species trait points along with substantial economic bonuses

-An empire that achieves both Biological and Psionic Ascension unlocks the Mastery of Life Ascension Perk, granting additional organic species trait points, an additional civic choice, and other governing bonuses

-Restrictions preventing empires with the Hive Mind Authority from achieving Psionic Ascension have been removed, they will remain for Synthetic Ascension

-Gaiaterra worlds can be created from Gaia worlds with both the World Shaper and Mastery of Life Ascension Perks

To do List

-Gaiaterra worlds planet view will be receiving artwork as soon as I can find somebody to create some

-Gaiaterra worlds districts are being reworked (when this update drops it will break your game if you have any Gaiaterra worlds)

-The Mastery of Life Ascension perk will be changed for Hiveminds to "Omniscience" which will provide bonuses that are more relevant for Hiveminds

-Psionically-Attuned Hive Worlds will be on option for Hiveminds that rivals Gaiaterra worlds, they will be unlocked by having both the Hive Worlds and Omniscience Ascension perks

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn