Real Space System Scale Gigastructural Engineering Patch

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Author: TheCreepOfWar

Last revision: 2 Sep at 01:07 UTC

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This mod fixes some of the graphical problems that Real Space System Scale and Gigastructural Engineering have with each other including the Alderson Disk and Ring Worlds.

This mod should go after Gigastructural Engineering, Real Space, and Real Space System Scale

I plan to eventuallly go through all the vanilla and Gigastructural Engineering Megastructures.
Please feel free to comment any suggestions for scaling or anything that needs to be fixed

PLEASE NOTE: This mod is in progress of being developed and IS NOT COMPLETE!
List of Megastructures that have been made compatible:
– Alderson Disk
– Ruined Ringworld
– Ringworld
– Titanic Ringworld
– Behemoth Ringworld
– Gargantuan Ringworld
– Ruined Squareworld
– Squareworlds
– Ruined Stellar Particle Accelerator
– Stellar Particle Accelerator
– Crystal Megabore

Will be fixed in the future:
– Matter Decompressor
– Penrose Ring World
– Attack Moon
– Behemoth Planetcraft
– Stellar Systemcraft
– Orbital Arcologies