Servants of the Omnissiah

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Author: Reiseafa

Last revision: 20 Jul at 17:56 UTC

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Stellaris sometimes carries over Mod files even after player deactive the Mod. Try the "Clear user directory button" in the launcher if having issues.


This mod adds a new shipset for those want to purge the galaxy as Servants of the Omnissiah
This mod works perfectly fine if you perfer vanilla gameplay
but the ship class added by other mod might not be reskined and will appear as vanilla Mammalian ship

Current state

Compatible with 2.7.*

Models of this mod

All models are made by myself, not ported from other game
but most of the designs are from BFG: Armada and concept arts on website Lexicanum

name of the original each model based on
Corvette: Cobra
Destroyer: Firestorm
Cruiser: Adeptus Mechanicus Light Cruiser
Battleship: Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser
Titan: Ark Mechanicus
Colossus: Inquisitorial Black Ship
Transport / Colonizer: Imperial Transports
Construction: AdMech Light Cruiser
Fighter: Fury Interceptor
Bomber: Starhawk Bomber
Landing craft: Tetrarch Heavy Lander
Juggernauts: Phalanx

names above are for the design
have nothing to do with the combat role or weaponry

check this page for more detailed information


Imperial Navy:
Space Marine: