Gigastructural Engineering – Slightly More Celestial Objects Compatibility (2.7.*)

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Author: Arnix (Ahelex)

Last revision: 6 Jun at 20:58 UTC

File size: 23.55 KB

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This is a compatibility patch between Gigastructural Engineering and Slightly More Celestial Objects, in particular for the Penrose Sphere in Gigastructural Engineering, where it can now only be built around Kerr (rotating, spinning) black holes in Slightly More Celestial Objects.

This mod overwrites the following element (in italics) in Gigastructural Engineering with a new file:

  • common/megastructures/p1_blackhole_detonator.txt (blackhole_detonator_0)

Load order should be:

  1. Either Gigastructural Engineering or Slightly More Celestial Objects
  2. This compatibility patch below both the above mods

Credit to Gigastructural Engineering belongs to its authors. Slightly More Celestial Objects is my mod.