No Reliquary Buying Limits

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Author: davfrs

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Have tons of Energy Credits, but nothing to waste them on? Tired of forgetting the end of the five hundred day cooldown between visits to Chor’s Compass, the Caraveneers’ home system, making you head back several years later than you intended?
This mod removes both of the artificial limitations to buying the Caraveneer’s Reliquaries — you can now buy as many as you want, rather than just six, as well as buy them as frequently as you want, credit reserves permitting. That’s all this mod does. This mod does not alter the price of the reliquaries.

This mod indirectly increases the chance to get a Galatron, due more reliquaries up for purchase. This mod does not touch the reward chances/options, so should be compatible with those that do, so long as that other mod doesn’t contain the Caraveneer event file (which this mod doesn’t do).
This mod likely should change the odds of the drops, though, since vanilla limits the number of empty reliquaries you can get in a game to one, but this mod does not do so yet.

Not achievement compatible.
This mod only alters the game event "cara.100" — the Caraveneer home page, where the limits are applied/enforced. The rest of the Caraveneer event file is untouched and not distributed — only the one event is overwritten. This mod does not remove the 500 day timer, but rather makes the game ignore that timer.
This mod requires the Megacorp DLC, as that’s the DLC that adds the Caraveneers.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: MegaCorp