Dangerous Crystalline Asteroids

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The Crystalline Asteroids are a very simple Guardian; they spawn weak stations to guard a system rich in minerals, and give you some science and said system for defeating them. However, the Curators say that they were once a galactic menace that was a threat to even the advanced empires of those times. This mod asks "What if the Crystalline Asteroids became a galactic threat again?"

-Crystalline Asteroids have been massively strengthened, so that it takes a little more commitment to take them out.

-"Hivers" strike craft have been buffed so that they can deal some damage, reach their targets extremely quick, and will target you anywhere in the system.

-Crystalline Asteroids are hostile to all empires, even fellow Guardians and Space Monsters. (Or at least should be)

-Crystalline Asteroids can create new hives in their system for each asteroid until no asteroids are without a hive.

-Crystalline Asteroids can create a new hive in a nearby system if they can’t create any more in their system. This effect happens for all systems with a hive in them.

-Crystalline Asteroids can occasionally spawn a mobile hive that patrols their systems.

-Crystalline Asteroids can rarely spawn a fleet of mobile hives that randomly raid the galaxy and rarely establish new hives.

-If a critical amount of Crystalline Asteroids exist, they can begin making a Behemoth variant of their mobile hives that players can stop from spawning.

-If a Crystalline Asteroid kills a Crystalline Entity, it spawns an "Infested" version of said entity.

-If the Crystalline Asteroids almost go extinct, they will prepare for a "vengeance strike" against all of their enemies.

-New models for mobile hives and their fighters, they have yellow crystals instead of blue now.

-Find a way to prevent errors from occurring if a Mobile Hive can’t find a valid movement target.
-An event for when a "vengeance strike" fails.
-Unique Interactions with planets.

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