Opinion and Attitude Fix

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Author: McAwesome

Last revision: 17 Jun at 12:54 UTC

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This mod aims to fix the attitude bug introduced in the 2.6.0 update. This is done by swapping the "owner" and the "target" of every opinion modifier. Some, however, have hardcoded trigger conditions, and are either sligthly more janky, or cannot be fixed.

Modifies checksum?: Yes

Other mod compatibility: Yesn’t
(check pinned discussions post)
If mod compatibility is an issue, a more mod compatible version that only affects fallen empires can be found here.
Or if you’d like me to make a compatibility patch for a certain mod, please let me know (link the mod).

Thumbnail courtesy of my bug report on the matter[forum.paradoxplaza.com].

Is this or any other mod not working? Are there other people saying it does work? Feel free to report it here[support.paradoxplaza.com].


(Please do not use this mod with 2.8 when it comes out. This bug will be fixed in 2.8)