SE Humanoid Expansion

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Author: Seanow

Last revision: 19 Jun at 01:41 UTC

File size: 14.68 MB

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This mod is an expansion of McNaughtons SE Humanoid. This mod adds a few new clothes for the humanoid species besides humans. I have only worked on the female portraits so far and i plan on working on the male ones after I can work out the bugs and get fixes out for the females. Sorry about that.

What does this add?

-Separates communist clothes and dictator clothes
-Changes fallen empire clothes based on their ethics
-Switches clothes for specific gov types
-Changes military gov clothes
-Changes Gestalt clothes
-Incorporates mod only clothes into vanilla game
-Removes "soft" body type
-Includes special files

I did not make any of the art assets used in this mod so you will need to download McNaughtons SE Humanoid if you want this mod to work.

To get in on any unreleased PATCHES *cough cough* join the discord!


Known Issues:

Humanoid 4 has clipping issues around the shoulders

Required items:

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