UI Overhaul – Prop&Esp Patch

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Author: Zibbly

Last revision: 16 May at 18:28 UTC

File size: 181.25 KB

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A patch for Propaganda and Espionage – and – UI Overhaul Dynamic.

Always put this patch at the very end of your load order.
Load order:
Propaganda and Espionage 2.7 (Always load first)
UI Overhaul Dynamic
UI Overhaul – Prop&Esp Patch (Always load last)

Let me know if it needs any tweaks.

Orrie is away right now, but has kindly agree to update his old patch when he gets a chance. This mod is just a quick fix until then.

Main mod – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2097903490

Required items:

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Propaganda and EspionageSteam Workshop
UI Overhaul DynamicSteam Workshop