LOGH Flagships for NSC

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Author: lobolabo

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・Legend of Galactic Heroes Ships MOD
・(-NSC2 Season5-)



Request to continue to update MOD.

This MOD is a patch MOD that adds the flagship of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
This MOD does not work on its own.
The following two MODs are required.

Legends of Galactic Heroes Ships MOD
(-NSC2 Season5-)

If you are using NSC2, please use this MOD.
The Vanilla version does not need a patch.

This is a different class from the Flagship that appears in NSC2.
It appears as a LoGH_Flagship class.
The Titan shipyard is required.
The XL weapon must be already developed.
There is a limit to the number of ships that can be built against the allowable amount of ships.
The performance is titan + alpha.

Required items:

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Legend of Galactic Heroes Ships MODSteam Workshop
(-NSC2 Season 5-)Steam Workshop