The Zenith of Fallen Empires 3.0

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Author: Kolyn

Last revision: 24 May at 06:11 UTC (7)

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They were promising once. The big-eyed, fluffy primitives that pleased our ancestors were uplifted, in hopes they would contribute to galactic community that we built. But all things must end. Our ancestors were deceived. For centuries, they spied on us, stole from us. Our technologies, our secrets, taken with scant regard for the elders who brought those advances to our society. And now they proclaim themselves an Ascended Empire, one that will span millennia using our technologies to serve their twisted ideals. Wasting no time, they quickly converted half the galaxy to their cause. How long they have conspired and waited for this moment. As the titan foundries roar to life, and our once dormant shipyards rumble, our people unite once more against the monsters we created. The prophets foresaw the traitors’ demise – let us hope that they were right.

The Zenith of Fallen Empires returns with its long-awaited third iteration of the popular mod series. Featuring a brand-new ascension mechanic, The Zenith of Fallen Empires retraces the steps of the fallen, allowing players to rise and eventually become Ascended Empires – Fallen Empires in their prime, where they carve out their own sphere of influence by converting lesser empires to their cause. In this playground of the giants, the future of the galaxy is at stake. Building on the advances made in 2.0, The Zenith of Fallen Empires will continue to deliver the experience through add-on component mods, allowing players the freedom and flexibility to choose and forge their own path in this ultimate sandbox – the story of their civilization’s rise, and fall.

The Zenith of Fallen Empires 3.0

  • Become an Ascended Empire*
  • Escorts, Battlecruisers, Fallen Titans, and more
  • Fallen Empire Buildings
  • Fallen Empire ship and city sets (16 sets)
  • Titan Lance, a weapon exclusive to Fallen Titans
  • Ascended Empire Wargoals and Casus Belli
  • Ascended Empire Subject Types
  • Ascended Empire Subject Events
  • Lost Empires*
  • Hedonists

*Full features and spoilers here.

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Add-on Component Modules:

Limitations and FAQ:

Please click here for Limitations and FAQ.

Mod Compatibility:

Please run this with Game Update 2.6.*

Save Game Compatible

common/defines Decadence chance, AE research cost multiplier
Awakened Empire diplomatic actions
Several Diplomatic Actions
Several scripted triggers
Several policies
Several Casus Belli
Several Game Rules

Do NOT run this mod with ZoFE 2.0 submods.

Click here for more information on Mod Compatibility.

Compatibility Patches:


English original by Kolyn.

Special Thanks:

  • Cycoticmongoose for Diplo Phrases donations
  • Army of Beta Testers and their feedback

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Required DLC:

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Stellaris: Utopia
Stellaris: Apocalypse