Stellaris Enhanced Project Lite 60% completed

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Author: In_The_Motion

Last revision: 8 Apr at 15:13 UTC (1)

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important info


This is a test version, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF U WANT TO PLAY, subscribe only for the purpouse of testing it. This is the first attempt to create a unified modpack with my modpacks and other mods i have no idea what kind of modpacks to create.

All these mods here to not belong to one or another category, they are included now for sole purpouse of being 100% compatible with each other, other than the ones i created a specific comp patch and directly injected into the modpack.

Just tell if there are incongruences as i slowly expand it to a playable state.

Thank everyone for attention
number of mods: (modpacks 7)
number of compatibility patches: 0

Boring info:

This is only a small part of what i intend to do. Similar to Stellaris Reborn, but i had it in mind already in 2018, so you cant say i copied it, its just im a very lazy person and takes time for me to do anything.

Now you must ask yourselves why then you are doing this if you are so lazy as you say?


The more mods you have the heavy the lag is. Also, sometimes stuff is not fully compatible and you dont even realize it 70% of times. Hell!!! I need a compatibility patch for a compatibility patch, yeah it happened… Over half the mods i install might be only compatibility patches for mods and compatibility patches for other compatibility patches for other compa… you get the idea.
Also, didnt i forgot to mention it ? LAGS.

I cant get past 2250 without damn lags. It is so hard to ask for a game without lags? Maybe, but if you are here, you are like, you play with 200+ mods ( wihtout counting the comp patches). Then it really really becomes a sheet show . You end up lost trying to figure out how you need and unsubscribe to otherwise fantastic mods.

Fear not, packs are coming, mods packed toghter, easy to sort, easy to manage, before the main product arrives.

DISCLAIMER: Im not in any way owner, i didnt create any mod, all the job is done by the creator of the mods, i merely just put them togheter in a pack to make the game run smoothly. So before subscribing to this pack, remember to appreciate the creator of the mod for his/her time spent and effort.

Back to where were we. The main pack will be called Stellaris Enhacement Project , it “should contain all the packs now im creating by merging various mods of the same author, or different mods but within the same field of improvement of the game.

N.B. These packs are still under work, they can change their content of mods, some mods may be added and some mods may be removed. It is kindly advised to suggest new mods to add to the pack, NOT IN THE COMMENTS, but in a discussion i might create to later date, if im not too lazy. Such comments will be removed ot ignored. Thanks for attention.

MODPACKS i created and put toghter inside the modpack, mostly will change, Quality of Life pack will for SURE, see added more mods inside it, obviously. Anyway back to the current list.

At War Series
Quality of Life pack
Tiny Outliner Merged
flavour pack
Origins Merged
Traits Merged
Flags and Emblems Merged

(no, i wont add any link, you’re crazy asking me such tedious stuff here, no no and no)

singular mods, removed


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