Dimension technology package 维度技术扩展包 beta 1.1.4

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Authors: 故事说给风听~, 易水

Last revision: 4 Apr at 17:39 UTC (1)

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dimension technology beta 1.1.7 has been updated!!!

Do you want powerful and unique technology in the game? Do you want your empire to be invincible? Do you want your scientists to work on dimensions and time and space? Now you only need to subscribe to this mod.

the new version contains 40 new technologies and 10 sub categories of technologies. 5 kinds of ship equipment. A unique planet killer: Little Doctor[/i]
(This mod is balanced)

and the dreadful Galaxy destroying weapon: two dimensional foil[/i]

Mod updated daily! Please check the update page for details.

new technology, architecture, weapons, and balance adjustment will go online, and Jiaqun will obtain the internal test version in advance to become the internal test user! QQ group: 870214599

Please refer to the change page for update details.

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