AlphaMod 2.6

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Authors: AlphaAsh, LokiCharms, Rough

Last revision: 10 May at 22:35 UTC (4)

File size: 28.25 MB

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An unofficial expansion for Stellaris

  • New ascension perks.

  • New resources.

  • New edicts, to benefit from Wealth and other resources.
  • New buildings, including some for exploiting the new resources and improving trade. Many are unique to particular ethics.

  • New districts, many unique to particular ehtics or planet-types.

  • New decisions, including customising districts, swapping to specialised districts and boosting job vacancies.
  • New jobs, many particular to specific ethics.

  • New policies, for customising your empire the way you want it.


  • New terraforming options and methods for inhabiting normally hostile worlds, uninhabitable moons of overcrowded planets…

  • …and even the clouds of gas giants.

  • New origins.
  • New starbase specialisations and buildings.
  • Big performance improvements, including into end-game, thanks to identifying and fixing major causes of CPU overload. Yes, in an expansion that increases fleet and pop scales, no less.
  • New and greatly improved economic behaviour from the AI (thanks to integrated EDAI).
  • Some other stuff that’s new.
  • A bunch of changes to things that obviously aren’t new.
  • I like the word new. And bulleted lists.

Requires Stellaris v2.6.3
Not ironpants cheev compatible.
Will likely break a current save-game. Start a new one.
Modifies several dozen vanilla files so won’t be compatible with much of anything without a patch.


  • UI Overhaul Dynamic is compatible. Just make sure it goes above AlphaMod in the load order.
  • More Events Mod compatibility patch. Put it below AlphaMod and MEM in the load order.
  • NSC2 compatibility patch. Put it below AlphaMod and NSC2 in the load order.
  • If you are using AlphaMod with NSC2, I recommend using C.U.I. instead of UI Overhaul Dynamic.
  • Planetary Diversity compatibility patch. Put it below AlphaMod and Planetary Diversity in the load order.
  • AlphaMod IS NOT compatible with AI mods such as Starnet or GAI. AlphaMod has its own AI modifications tailored to AlphaMod and using other AI mods will break AlphaMod and the AI mod won’t work correctly.
  • AlphaMod IS NOT compatible with District Overhaul, District Diversity or any other kind of mod that screws around with districts. Nor will I be making it compatible with such mods.
  • I will not support the use of any kind of mod that adds more building slots. AlphaMod already has enough balance issues to manage, thank you very much.
  • AlphaMod now includes The Utopian Dream. Do not use the stand-alone with AlphaMod 2.6.

Putting up with my c.r.a.p and continuing contributing is something I like to recognise. Big thanks and shout-out to: BelShock, LokiCharms, Endovior, Rough. Doesn’t matter why you do, you deserve it.


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.