Military Enhancements

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Author: BaconDoneRight

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This mod aims to add more roleplaying potential to ground armies.
– 22 new technologies
– 3 special buildings
– 11 new unique armies
– 6 new policies
– a "Mobilization" edict
– an overhaul to psionic soldiers
– rebalancing of base armies

Balance Changes

– ALL vanilla armies have had their damage halved to increase the length of fights
– Army cost and upkeep increased through technologies
– Defensive armies get stronger in the early game
– Psionic armies have been buffed
– Gene modded soldiers now require the "Special Forces Academy" building to be trained

Psionic Overhaul

There are now three psionic units total: The Initiate, the Trooper, and the Templar.

To create psionic armies, you must build the new Psionic Council Building. After this is created, every ~5 years you will get an event calling for testing. You must spend either 1000, 600, or 300 energy credits to complete a round of psionic testing. Higher investments give a higher chance at getting better soldiers.

After spending your money, in ~150 days another event will pop up. This event will either be positive or negative. Depending on what the event is, you will unlock the ability to train one of the armies anywhere in your empire. You can only build as many psi armies as you have completed testing.


There are six new policies to help you format your empire according to your roleplaying and balancing needs. Will you be an aristocratic empire that only allows their noble elite to be officers? Will you follow the tenets of the Soviet Union and spam poorly trained infantry? Or will you use only the highest quality Prussian space marines?
– Certain policies build off each other and require each other
– Megacorp exclusive policy choices
– Weapon platform policy that builds with new tech


Each new tech for your army increases your army matienence. Research the "Improved Logistics" tech to counter the slow creep of upkeep.
– Unlocks the new buildings
– Unlocks a few new units
– General increases to army damage, morale, and health
– Unlocks more options in the "Weapon Platform" technology


There are 11 new armies added, most of them are unique depending on policies and buildings. For example, selecting "Purge" under the "Rules of Engagement" policy will unlock the Purge Squad army. Other armies require a certain building, such as the Special Forces Academy or the Armor Factory.


There are 3 buildings added with this mod: the Special Forces Academy, the Armor Factory, and the Psionic Council.

The Special Forces Academy is neccessary for the training of gene modded soldiers and the new unique "Special Forces" army type.

The Armor Factory is neccessary for the construction of advanced armored units, such as the Valkyrie Gunship.

The Psionic Council triggers the Psionic Testing event chain, and is therefore neccessary for the training of ALL psionic units.


Mobilization is an edict that can only be enacted during wartime. When activated, it increases alloy production, troop training speed, and decreases training cost. However, it damages your consumer goods and energy production.


This mod overwrites ALL vanilla army files. If any other mod does that, such as my other mod "Ultimate Sci-fi Army Pack", you must make sure this mod overwrites all the others, or else the psionic overhaul will NOT work.

From what I tested, it IS savegame compatable. However, your army power WILL change during installation because of balance changes. No armies have been removed from the base game, meaning none of your armies will be deleted, though.