More Crisis and FE ships

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Author: ☭ Red-Eyed_Fairace

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For Stellaris 2.7.*

This is basically an updated version of Ajey’s More Crisis Ships


-Massive Fallen Empire Ships (They should now have atleast 2-5m starting fleet)
-Massive Crisis Ships (On vanilla, a crisis of x5 will have at least 1X1M Fleet then the rest AlotX500k Fleet. With this, that 1m fleet is alteast 6M now, the rest, at least 3M fleet power with a total of a not less than 15M+ fleet power all fleet combined.)

Lite Version Here


-Not Compatible with any mod that modifies crisis_events_2.txt
and some specific scripted_effects entry:

  • create_ai_planet_defense
  • create_fallen_empire_reinforcements
  • create_fallen_empire_fleet
  • create_1st_khan_fleet
  • create_2nd_khan_fleet
  • create_marauder_fleet
  • create_marauder_armies
  • create_small_marauder_auxiliaries
  • create_medium_marauder_auxiliaries
  • create_large_marauder_auxiliaries
  • create_very_large_marauder_auxiliaries
  • create_marauder_successor_fleet
  • swarm_vanguard
  • swarm_brood
  • swarm_armies
  • feral_prethoryn_garrison_1
  • feral_prethoryn_garrison_2
  • feral_prethoryn_roaming_1

All of this entry are located in 2 specific files called 00_scripted_effects.txt and prethoryn_fleet_effects.txt.
(But this mod does not replace those files. Only some entry that are listed above.)


Gray Goo (Tempest) is not modified. Kindly use a mod called "A deadly Tempest" for that.

Recomended Mods:

Fallen Empire Expanded 2


More Crisis and FE ships + F.E.E. 2 Militarist Empire Patch
-This patch allows any AI or Player to build more ships without angrying the Militarist FE. Kindly read the full details in the Desc of its link.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.