Relytor’s True Raiding

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Making Barbaric Despoilers and Nihilistic Acquisition worth it!
Faster Plunder wars, better raiding mechanics and a new retaliation war goal.

New Casus Belli: Free Our People

When an empire’s people have been abducted by a fleet in Raiding bombardment stance, the empire get’s a 25 year Casus Belli to free their people.

New War Goal: Free Our People

Claims cannot be pressed and space is not taken, but on success you gain influence, the raider empire is humiliated for 5 years, and all pops previously abducted are freed. On Status Quo, only the pops abducted to the planets you now occupy will be freed.

Once freed, a pop is sent back to the planet they came from. If that planet is not available, they will be moved to your capital. This is the defensive War Goal for when a Barbaric Despoiler uses the Plunder War Goal against you, as well as the war goal for the new CB.

If the AI has the CB to enable this and they choose to go to war with the raider empire, they will usually use this war goal.

Changed War Goal: Plunder

Claims cannot be pressed and space is not taken. This is simply for raiding and abducting pops.

The AI is as likely to use this as it is the Conquest war goal, but more likely than the Humiliate war goal. Most other war goals have a higher weight.

Expanded disabling starbases in war:

When an empire with either the civic Barbaric Despoiler or the perk Nihilistic Acquisition disables a starbase, they will steal from the system owner the base value of every deposit that is being worked in the system. If a deposit does not have an orbital station working it, it will not be stolen. This happens no matter the war goal or bombardment stance of the attacking fleet.

Expanded Raiding orbital bombardment stance:

In addition to stealing pops, bombarding a planet with the Raiding orbital bombardment stance will steal Unity and resources produced on the planet. Every time damage is caused to the planet, there is a chance that for every pop on the planet the attacker will steal Unity, Energy, and some of the resources the pop is producing. The chance is very small, but increases as the planet experiences more devastation. At 100% devastation, no more resources will be stolen, though pops can continue to be abducted.

Because it is stolen per pop, raiding planets with large populations will be far more worthwhile than those with small populations. Using large fleets that do more damage will steal resources and pops faster, while small fleets of fast corvettes could get in, steal some pops and resources, then retreat before a more powerful fleet with larger ships could catch them. Because no claims are being pressed, Status Quo is usually pretty easy to obtain, allowing fast wars that feel much more like a quick raid into enemy territory and getting out rather than an all out head-to-head war.

The AI is very likely to choose this bombardment stance if it is valid for them.


No vanilla files overwritten, just overwrites the definitions of:

  • Nihilistic Acquisition (ap_nihilistic_acquisition) ascension perk
  • Plunder (wg_plunder) war goal
  • Raiding bombardment stance

Relytor’s Mod Collection

Empire Governance, an Ethics and Civics Alternative (alternative Cultural Overhaul) sub-mod
Empire United, a Unity system Overhaul
Empire Biological Proliferation, a Logistic Growth model
Planetary Overhaul, a Planetary Diversity sub-mod
True Raiding, a Barbaric Despoiler/Nihilistic Acquisition mechanic overhaul

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Apocalypse

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