Upper Limits V2.6+

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Author: Guluere

Last revision: 22 Mar at 17:34 UTC

File size: 2.84 MB

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This mod aims to go above and beyond the normal game, allowing players to research techs above tier 5 and more!

Currently only in english!

Thanks for checking this mod out!

Mod thumbnail by Oskar Woinski! I don’t own his work, but, it might be ok as long as I credit him.

This mod replaces 1 text file from vanilla.

This shouldn’t effect things much as this only changes the component cost. This is a rescale since the vanilla is very messy.

For those who has more question and things to talk about my mod.
There, you can find my channel and you can talk there.



Currently have college classes, I can only do stuff during my free time and sem breaks. Please be patience.