Psionics Re-Re-Expanded

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Authors: Sumrex, surface level spook

Last revision: 24 May at 18:15 UTC (5)

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This is an update of Psionics Re-Expanded for 2.5.1. I will be trying to keep as much of that original mod intact as possible.

Stellaris Version 2.7.*

Mod Version 1.2

This mod expands the psionics of Stellaris, allowing you to run your entire civilization around their psionic potentials. This also expands the ascension path of psionics, allowing your civilization to transcend entirely beyond their meager physical forms. Now with compatibility for Planetary Diversity!

Massive thanks to surface level spook for great contributions towards fixing bugs and adding compatibility!

List of Additions

New Authority Type: Psiocracy
This new government works similarly to Machine Intelligence. Taking it will increase your administrative capacity by +20 and increase your empire’s unity output by +10%, however you will suffer a +100% penalty for going over your administrative capacity. Your species will start with the Psionic trait, and a ruler will be elected every 40 years.

New Origin: Shrouded Origins
This origin requires the Psiocracy government type. Your empire will start with a shrouded world as its capital, with the ability to inhabit other shrouded worlds. These worlds are extremely difficult to invade and nothing but specially attuned psionic pops can survive on them. The downside is that you will receive a -20% penalty to all research (bear in mind that being psionic increases it by 10%, so really it’s more like -10%). This start will also immediately unlock the initial psionic technology.

New Civics

  • Psionic Descendants: Unity Production +15%, Archaeological Site Excavation Speed +10%
  • Psionic Tranquility: Citizen Happiness +5%
  • Psionic Equilibrium: Administrative Capacity +20
  • Psionic Service: Army Damage +20%, Army Upkeep -20%
  • Psionic Protectionists: Planet Stability +5
  • Psionic Theocracy: Edict Length 25%, Pop Ethics Attraction +10%
  • Psionic Technocracy: Tech Alternatives +1
  • Psionic Superiority: Naval Capacity +15%
  • Psionic Empathisers: Governor Max Level +2
  • Psionic Harmony: Pop Consumer Goods Upkeep -10%
  • Psionic Subsumed Telepathy: Ruler Max Level +2

New Ascension Perks

  • Psionic Veil: Allows you to terraform planets into Shrouded Paradises, powerful planets that are exceptionally difficult to invade, since invaders cannot survive the harsh psionic forces.
  • Psionic Perfection: Finally, your species can fully transcend from this mortal coil. They ascend into beings of energy with no more need of a concept for time. Basically every pop looks cool and is immortal now.

New Technologies

  • Expanded Psionic Theory: Tech Alternatives +1
  • Psionic Contentedness: Habitability +5%
  • Psychic Terraformation Techniques: Terraforming Speed +20%
  • Psychic Planetary Restructuring: Terraforming Cost -20%
  • Psychic Computing Algorithms: Research Speed +5%
  • Telekinetic Construction: Planet Build Speed +20%, Megastructure Build Speed +20%
  • Psychic Senses: Planet Sensor Range +3
  • Teleportation: Ship Speed +10%, Ship Disengagement Chance +10%
  • Psionic Communication: Administrative Capacity +20
  • Psionic Resistance: War Exhaustion Rate -20%
  • Psionic Healing: Ship Hull Regen +50%
    [*}Psionic Tracking: Ship Tracking +10
  • Psionic Barriers: Army Health +10%
  • Mind Control: Trust Capacity +10
  • Improved Pop Happiness (Repeatable): Unity Production +5%
  • Improved Ethic Attraction (Repeatable): Pop Ethics Attraction +25%

If you find any errors with this mod please let me know, I’ll be trying to condense the content into features that do the same things to reduce files and increase compatibility. I want to prevent overwriting unnecessary things, but the mod is basically just direct ports since pre-2.0 instead of rewrites so a lot of stuff is a bit weird. I’m going through it slowly and I plan on adding plenty of content, and I am more than open to any balance changes or adjustments.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.