At War: Better Admiral Experience (2.6 Compat Update)

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Author: Kiithnaras

Last revision: 18 Mar at 23:28 UTC

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This mod is a continuation of the original, created by The Dadinator, and now updated and maintained following his expression to discontinue support.

This mod may be removed if he returns to the modding community and wishes it taken down to consolidate effort.

Original Mod
Original Description (links culled to avoid misdirection):
Frustrated with admirals never leveling no matter how many engagements? This mod adds experience gain for admirals in fleet combat and planet bombardment.

  • Admirals gain experience for every enemy ship destroyed, ship disengaged, fleet destroyed, and space battle won.
  • Admirals gain experience for planetary bombardment, every 10% of planetary damage
  • No extra experience for defenseless ships (science, constructor, colony, transport)


No vanilla files were harmed in making this mod.
Compatible with Stellaris v2.6.*
As with any mod that affects game play, NOT achievement compatible.