Stellaris: Reborn (1/3)

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Author: Coulson

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Do. Not. Run. Any. Other. Mods. Besides. This. One.

Stellaris: Reborn – Part 1
All 3 Parts are required!

This first ever true Stellaris Modpack adds content from over 80+ mods to your game!

We tried to create the feeling of playing a whole new game without destroying the vanilla immersion of the game.

We also ensure full compatibility between the added mods.

IMPORTANT: Load order in the launcher:

Stellaris: Reborn (1/3)
Stellaris: Reborn (2/3)
Stellaris: Reborn (3/3)


Not compatible with any other mods

BIG thank´s to Gatekeeper, allowing us to integrate his Planetary Diversity mods! Feel free to donate him on Patreon for his amazing work.


BIG thank´s to Chickenhunt, allowing us to integrate his Amazing Space Battles mod! Feel free to donate him on Paypal for his amazing work.


BIG thank´s to Orrie, allowing us to integrate his UI Overhaul Dynamic mod! Feel free to donate him on Paypal for his amazing work.


Included Mods:

Detailed Mod list with links:

War Economy Stand-Alone

Better Galaxy Map

Smaller Names on the Map

Quadrant Fixed

UI Overhaul Dynamic

Tiny Outliner v2

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Tiny Outliner v2 PATCH

Real Space 3.4

Beautiful Universe v2.0

Beautiful Universe & Real Space Patch

More Star Classes

Auto Auto-Explore

We’ve got a policy for that

Planetary Diversity

Planetary Diversity – Shroud Worlds

Planetary Diversity – Planet View

Planetary Diveristy – Planetary Habitats

Dynamic Political Events

Diverse Federation Names

Planetary Diversity – Exotic Worlds

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Planetary Diversity

Superstructures for real space

Unofficial Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens

Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, 2K

Immersive Galaxy – Nightfall

Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety for Planetary Diversity

Guilli’s Planet Modifiers 2.5

Detailed Tech Tooltips Reloaded

Abandon Planet

More AI Personalities

Jump Gates

Primitive Worlds

APSR: Anomalies, Planetary and Space Resources

Scrollbar for resources

Universal Resource Patch

Zeta / Map Modes

Extra Ship Components 3.0

Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project

Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project – ESC Patch

Amazing Space Battles

Backgrounds+ Planetview

Just Name Lists

Just More Traits

Just More Flags (Achievement Compatible)

Flags in the void

Diverse Rooms

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Complete Colors

Cultural Overhaul 2.5 [Ethics-Civics-Traditions]

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Cultural Overhaul

No Premade Empires Extended


3D Fleet Formation

Extra Buildings

Extra Buildings – All Submods

Magnum’s Mods – Megastructure Build Speed Research

True Raiding

More Events Mod

MEM Real Space Planetary Shields patch

Dynamic Political Events

Choosable Shroud

Expanded Starbases

Galactic Nations Assembly

UI Overhaul Dynamic – Modmenu Toolbar

Fatal Foundations Story Pack

36 Building Slots

Claims Decay – Dynamic Diplomacy

Real Machine Worlds

Automatic Pop Migration

Gigastructural Engineering & More

Foxt’s Minimalist UI

ISBS – Living Systems

Planet Raider

Modifiers fix

Admiral Level Skills

Scientist Level Extension

Governor Level Extended

SpaceAmbient Music

Better Faction Info for Cultural Overhaul

VF’s Techs and Buildings

Interplanetary Agriculture

UI Overhaul Dynamic – Extended Topbar

Downscaled Ships

Unique Ascension Perks

Required items:

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Stellaris: Reborn (2/3)Steam Workshop
Stellaris: Reborn (3/3)Steam Workshop

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