Stellaris: Reborn (3/3)

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Author: Coulson

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Do. Not. Run. Any. Other. Mods. Besides. This. One.

Stellaris: Reborn – Part 3
All 3 Parts are required!

This first ever true Stellaris Modpack adds content from over 80+ mods to your game!

We tried to create the feeling of playing a whole new game without destroying the vanilla immersion of the game.

We also ensure full compatibility between the added mods.

IMPORTANT: Load order in the launcher:

Stellaris: Reborn (1/3)
Stellaris: Reborn (2/3)
Stellaris: Reborn (3/3)


Not compatible with any other mods

BIG thank´s to Gatekeeper, allowing us to integrate his Planetary Diversity mods! Feel free to donate him on Patreon for his amazing work.


BIG thank´s to Chickenhunt, allowing us to integrate his Amazing Space Battles mod! Feel free to donate him on Paypal for his amazing work.


BIG thank´s to Orrie, allowing us to integrate his UI Overhaul Dynamic mod! Feel free to donate him on Paypal for his amazing work.


Included Mods:

Detailed Mod list with links:

War Economy Stand-Alone

Better Galaxy Map

Smaller Names on the Map

Quadrant Fixed

UI Overhaul Dynamic

Tiny Outliner v2

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Tiny Outliner v2 PATCH

Real Space 3.4

Beautiful Universe v2.0

Beautiful Universe & Real Space Patch

More Star Classes

Auto Auto-Explore

We’ve got a policy for that

Planetary Diversity

Planetary Diversity – Shroud Worlds

Planetary Diversity – Planet View

Planetary Diveristy – Planetary Habitats

Dynamic Political Events

Diverse Federation Names

Planetary Diversity – Exotic Worlds

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Planetary Diversity

Superstructures for real space

Unofficial Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens

Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, 2K

Immersive Galaxy – Nightfall

Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety for Planetary Diversity

Guilli’s Planet Modifiers 2.5

Detailed Tech Tooltips Reloaded

Abandon Planet

More AI Personalities

Jump Gates

Primitive Worlds

APSR: Anomalies, Planetary and Space Resources

Scrollbar for resources

Universal Resource Patch

Zeta / Map Modes

Extra Ship Components 3.0

Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project

Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project – ESC Patch

Amazing Space Battles

Backgrounds+ Planetview

Just Name Lists

Just More Traits

Just More Flags (Achievement Compatible)

Flags in the void

Diverse Rooms

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Complete Colors

Cultural Overhaul 2.5 [Ethics-Civics-Traditions]

UI Overhaul Dynamic + Cultural Overhaul

No Premade Empires Extended


3D Fleet Formation

Extra Buildings

Extra Buildings – All Submods

Magnum’s Mods – Megastructure Build Speed Research

True Raiding

More Events Mod

MEM Real Space Planetary Shields patch

Dynamic Political Events

Choosable Shroud

Expanded Starbases

Galactic Nations Assembly

UI Overhaul Dynamic – Modmenu Toolbar

Fatal Foundations Story Pack

24 Building Slots

Claims Decay – Dynamic Diplomacy

Real Machine Worlds

Automatic Pop Migration

Gigastructural Engineering & More

Foxt’s Minimalist UI

ISBS – Living Systems

Planet Raider

Modifiers fix

Admiral Level Skills

Scientist Level Extension

Governor Level Extended

SpaceAmbient Music

Better Faction Info for Cultural Overhaul

VF’s Techs and Buildings

Required items:

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Stellaris: Reborn (1/3)Steam Workshop
Stellaris: Reborn (2/3)Steam Workshop

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.