Playable Harvester Nanites & Distant Stars Overhaul

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Authors: [1COG] Coggernaut, WWDragon

Last revision: 29 Feb at 21:14 UTC (5)

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Adds a new Nanite Machine Civic and overhaul of the Distant Stars DLC with new nanite technology, ships and more!

I’ve always felt the distant stars L-Gate DLC was lackluster… like it was missing some greater part of the story within stellaris. I’ve spent 100+ hours coding huge amounts of content into overhauling what distant stars is about.

This mod is not work-in-progress and is mostly completed.

This was inspired by the Bio-Harvester Nanite Mod:


Nanite Machine Civic & Harvesting Habitable Worlds Mechanic:

A new way to play, where this machine race can only colonize tomb worlds, machine worlds, etc. Though Nanite Harvesters start on a machine world as an advantage. Though instead of colonizing habitable worlds, Harvesters transform them into "harvest worlds" which yields resources at a decaying rate for a specific amount of years tied to it’s planet size/class. This yields an interesting way to play where early expansion is uneeded, but by the time these harvest worlds begin decaying, you will rapidly need to expand more and more to feed your hunger for resources later game. Encouraged to expand through purely economic needs rather than a will to consume biological life. Though every world you harvest will cause all known empires to dislike you (since you’re wiping out life).

Gateway Guardian Civic (WIP):

This is a Spiritualist/militarist Civic where a religion was born from the mysterious L-Gate that stands still within their Gaia World home system. They gain unity from controlling it, but are fanatic about keeping it closed, believing they are the guardians of the L-Gates. In the future, a story will unravel about their origin through a new and unique Precursor Questline.

New Guardian Wargoal:
– L-Gate Containment (Declare War to Claim/Own a system with an L-Gate)


L-Gate Technology:

Opening the L-Gates only gives a single technology… it hardly feels like you’re unleashing a deadly machine technology into the galaxy like it’s lead to be. This mod adds dangerous new technology that utilizes nanites for new weapons, war machines, titan-ships, and world destroying (harvesting) weapons. Providing a whole new avenue of play mid-game.

New Nanite Mothership (Titan) and Harvester Engine:

After researching necessary components, you are able to build a titan-class Nanite Mothership that comes with the "Harvester Engine" which gives the ability to harvest habitable planets like like nanite-machines can do. This ship has been balanced and is subject to change upon any balance change needed. This ship utilizes new nanite weapons provided by this mod which also require a nanite resource upkeep.

New Technologies:
– Nanite Bombardment Stance
– Nanite Mothership (Titan-Class)
– Orbital Nanite Shipyard (Station Upgrade)
– Nanite Foundary (Megastructure)
– Nanite Weapons Lab (Building)
– Nanite Torpedo Capsules (Weapon)
– Titanic Nanite Lance (Titan Weapon)
– Harvester Engine (World Destroyer Option)
– Nanite Lancers (New Hybrid Fighter/Bomber)
– Nanite Assembly Plant (Upgrade for Robot Pop Producer)


To-Do List:

– Random events / story for harvest worlds
– Nanite "Grey Goo" Rebellion Event (A possible scenario caused by researching Dangerous Tech)
– Precursor Questline/Story for Gateway Pursuer and Harvester Civic


Mods & Compatibility:
This mod should be compatible with most mods that dont modify Distant Stars DLC heavily.

This IS Compatible with XVCV ‘s Unofficial Machine & Synthetic Empire DLC

This IS Compatible with NSC and Gigastructural Engineering

This IS designed to be compatible with APSR: Anomalies, Planetary and Space Resources

I HEAVILY recommend playing this with the Cultures Overhaul Mod found here:
Just Culture:
Culture & Traditions:


If you’ed like to make this mod compatible, I’ve added some planet flags for conditions:

Harvest World: "has_planet_flag = pc_bh_harvest"
Harvested World (Depleted): "has_planet_flag = pc_bh_harvested"
Nanite Forgeworld: "has_planet_flag = pc_nanite_forgeworld"

My goal is to make this mod compatible with as many mods as I can, and I will continue to reach out to modders to make more mods compatible amongst eachother by utilizing flags.



Want to contact us about bugs, suggestions or anything? Come join us on the discord found here:

This discord is also the Cultures Overhaul Mod discord, which this mod is ment to be paired with (but the mod is not required). We hope to see you there to discuss modding! 😀

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn
Stellaris: Distant Stars Story Pack

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.