Mega Engineering

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Mega Engineering

Now the option "Megaingengineering" for the restoration of MegaStructures will come out much earlier in the game, according to the speed of "Research" that your empire has and the technologies you investigate for this purpose.

Basic Requirement:
– Investigate "Performance Research Station Levels…"

Recommended Requirement:
– Investigate "General Research Performance Levels.."

Essential Requirement:
– You will have to investigate "Advanced Research Complexes"
– You will have to investigate "Research Institute Quantum Theory"

Hidden Requirement:
– You will need your technologies to be balanced so that this option appears around the year 23.00, if there are no major unforeseen events or some empire discover what you are trying to do

– It should be compatible with most other Mods
– Not Achievement Compatible.


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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