Reaper AI

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Author: Scradegn

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REQUIRES – Overpowered Civics by Edcrab –

– !Overpowered Civics Start Only Patch by zulu9812
– E.D.A.I. by AlphaAsh
– Starnet A.I. may be the more amazing reccomendation however I still prefer E.D.A.I for compatibility reasons.

Adds a reaper AI personality based off the reapers from mass effect. It also adds some custom reaper weaponry for use in the game. The firing sounds of said reaper weapons are from Reaper Lasers by Sethfire I just added distance and hit sound effects along with separate weapons for them. If you ENJOY this MOD then, please go and give a LIKE to SETHFIRE’S various REAPER BASED MODS.

To trigger custom AI personality give it the Godmachine Civic

– Reaper Lasers by Sethfire – Link Below –


The AI has a high shield preference and medium armor preference. Its weapon preference is kinetic sense all of the mass effect’s weapons were railgun based. Yes, even the reapers used a railgun based weapon. This weapon used the principles of magnetohydrodynamics. That red laser you saw the reapers using was basically a kinetic weapon and advance one at that. This AI has high aggression obviously but is also set up to build a massive fleet within a few hours of the game. The AI will always keep borders closed and will attack neutrals. Essentially the worst neighbor you could have in-game.

Recommended Reaper Builds
Civics-Driven Assimilator and Godmachine

Required items:

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