Ancient Dreadnought and Improved Titan 2.6

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Author: Prolbo

Last revision: 11 Apr at 07:54 UTC (3)

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Yep, this is another mod that adds ability to research and build the Ancient Dreadnought.

NOTE: You can build Dreadnought on titan yards with Apoc DLC, otherwise you need to use dreadnought yards.

What this mod DO:

  • Adds fully buildable and customizable Ancient Dreadnought and extends section choise for Titan.
  • Adds 7 Technologies for Ancient Dreadnought. 4 of them similar to other ships: unlock, production speed, hull integrity. 3 aimed to extend section choise and improve Dreadnought Core. Core is unique to AD module, wich improves ship firepower, shields and recovery speed, making your Dreadnought similar to its ancestor.
  • Adds 3 Technologies for Titan. 1 just to compensate PDX asinine lazyness and improve it build speed by 25%. 2 to make Titan great again! Joke, it improves ship in a way similar but not the same as Ancient Dreadnought.
  • Fixes Titan’s aura icons wich already in game but dew to some unexplainable reason (exept PDXes beign a digs) is not linked to anything.
  • Adds "Void Artillery" stance and appropriate combat computers.
  • Adds technology to fix grave injustice and make "Self Recilient Metalloids" from living metal wich can restore ship hull and armor like regenerative tissue or nano repair.
  • Slighty improves Nano Repair cause its output is too weak compared to its cost.
  • Texts and nice pictures for all the stuff.

What this mod DID NOT DO:

  • Didnt override vanila files, so it SHOULD be compartible with other mods. IF they are didn’t mess with vanilla too much.
  • Yes, it didnt override vanila files, in case of Nano Repair and Auras it load its own "fix" files first.
  • Didnt add its own dreadnought.mesh file, because author has paws, so some little things can looks different in editor and space. But should not. Dependent on vanilla files.


  • Not all events work as intended => few of them disabled.
  • Not all gfx are unique or have good diversity.

I was inspired to take up work on this mod by presence of many other mods that allow you to build Ancient Dreadnought, but none of them suit me or my vision of such mod. So you can assume that this mod made by me and for me at first place. But I didnt feel it right to keep it all just to myself and want to share it. And I will try to keep it up to date. Time spend on work ~40h.

Not native english speeker. So if you will find missprints, typos or some horrible spelling and you know how to write it right feel free to write it here and I will fix it later.

Also you can feel free to rip this mod open, learn all things you want and take all artwork if you like it. Attribution of authorship I will leave on your conscience.

Also I want to recommed you some really good mods wich I like and would like to see integrated in game: UI Overhaul Dynamic, UI Overhaul Dynamic + Complete Colors, UI Overhaul Dynamic – Extended Topbar, Simple Locked Slot, Building Tier Numbers, Nice Text

My thanks to James Fire for his mod. The idea with the core turned out to be interesting.

Update log:

  • 2019.09.07 Small text & gfx update, added hint to Improved/Advanced Dreadnought tech.
  • 2019.09.09 Added weapon locators for additional Titan weapons.
  • 2019.09.18 Added full set of brand new custom weapon locators for Dreadnought AX. Now you can trully place all that fancy tuurets on your ship and watch your enemies burn!
  • 2019.09.18 Small fix for all vanilla turrets (size). Plantoid turrets with trophy weapon have proper models.
  • 2019.09.18 Removed some garbage code, unused textures and other stuff.
  • 2019.10.19 Mod updated and for Stellaris 2.4.1.
  • 2019.10.19 Event with Ancient Dreadnought deconstruction should work properly now.
  • 2019.10.25 Mod updated and for Stellaris 2.5.*. (Essentially nothing has changed)
  • 2020.01.27 Titan Laser aka Perdition Beam fixed and properly works for Dreadnought.
  • 2020.03.18 Mod updated to 2.6. Weapon slots work as intended.
  • 2020.03.22 Adhoc fix for events. Looks like PDXes think that they are funny.
  • 2020.03.30 The requirements for the construction of the dreadnought are brought in line with the new game code. Some localisations added. All hail gaagle translate!
  • 2020.04.11 Minor fix, absolutely non-essential.
Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack

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